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RXYD series permanent magnetic separator

一、Model description:RXYD

R - other magnetic separation equipment X - magnetic separator Y - permanent magnet D - belt

Belt width of magnetic separator, unit cm

二、Structural characteristics:

1、This series of products is a patented product developed by our company (Patent No. ZL 200910027283.8), and the magnetic circuit is designed by computer simulation.

2、High performance rare earth permanent magnet materials and industrial pure iron and other materials, the surface magnetic induction intensity up to 1500 above, and the magnetic field gradient is larger, can better adsorption of weak magnetic material.


The surface of the magnetic induction intensity of RXYD series belt type permanent magnetic separator and the magnetic induction intensity of the highest strength, magnetic field gradient is larger, can be easily sucked out from the raw material in magnetic weak magnetic material, also can choose weak magnetic magnetic materials, suitable for magnetic separation of chromium oxide weak magnetic material and tail iron separation etc., can be widely used in non-ferrous metals, cement, petroleum, chemical industry, building materials and other industries; and according to user needs, customize a variety of special separator models and specifications.

四、Main technical parameters and dimensions

With the magnetic strength of the material is different, its production capacity and the required magnetic induction intensity is also different, the thickness of the magnetic separation from 5mm to 200mm, the change of belt speed 0.1m/s to 1.2m/s.