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Single lifting permanent magnet

Hoisting permanent magnet is based on our company obtained the national invention patent, a closed permanent magnetic field "magnetic switch" technology, through a series of patent products and computer optimization design of permanent magnetic structure parameters. (Patent No.: 2138572.6; international patent main classification number: H01F 7/02). The product development project in 2009 and in 2010 has been included in the "Jiangsu science and technology support plan", "the Ministry of science and technology innovation fund project" and "city of major technical equipment transformation project", and the national special fund support. Widely used in metallurgy, iron and steel, mining, machinery, shipbuilding, port terminals, warehousing, transportation and other industries, such as iron and steel, etc..

一、Product model:

Notes:1、According to the material temperature of the lifting magnet

(1)Normal temperature type (material temperature -20 DEG C ~+70 C)

(2)High temperature type (material temperature +70 DEG C ~+600 C)

2、According to the lifting of the permanent magnet operation mode

(1)mechanical drive

(2)Hydraulic transmission

二、Product technical parameters: