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Air preheater transmission system

一、Application area

Boiler air preheater transmission device

Ningxia coal and Electricity Co., Ltd. Yuanyang Lake Power Plant 1# boiler air preheater use site map

二、KYQ series air preheater permanent magnet transmission device structure

KYQ series air preheater auxiliary system of the boiler air preheater transmission system as shown in figure. KYQ series air preheater auxiliary system and main motor are installed on both sides of the gearbox.

No longer use the overrunning clutch, the system reliability is greatly improved.

The permanent magnetic coupler is used to replace the hydraulic coupler, and the synchronous transmission is realized. The utility model has the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving of 3% to 5%.

When the main motor is in trouble, the KYQ series air preheater auxiliary system is put into operation, and the air preheater is normally operated at full load.

Adjustable speed operation, when the air preheater to wash or low speed turning, the main motor power cut, speed function of KYQ series of air preheater auxiliary system using low-speed air preheater.

The main motor fault repair, the permanent magnet coupling is installed between the main motor and the speed reducer (coupling), one is to reduce the vibration of motor and gear box between, also is the most important for when the main motor fault, a brief shutdown of permanent magnet coupling (by coupling device) will be the main fast motor and gear box separation, then without stopping the repair or replacement of the main motor.

三、Product advantage

1、With heavy duty soft start function, starting time can be adjusted.

2、The motor can start in advance.

3、Solve the problem of frequent fault of hydraulic coupler.

4、The utility model solves the problem of the damage of the equipment caused by the failure of the overrunning clutch.

5、The utility model solves the problem that the auxiliary motor can not drive the full operation of the air preheater, that is to say, after the transformation, the air preheater is driven to have a safety guarantee.

6、Cancel the auxiliary starting of the motor, reducing the failure point.

四、(Auxiliary)Main technical parameters of winding permanent magnet coupling speed regulating motor