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Warmly congratulate the "winding type permanent magnet coupling governor" scientific and technological achievements through the identification
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The product is in the international advanced level.

The experts organized by China industrial energy conservation and clean production association appraise our product‘winding coil permanent magnetic adjustable speed drive’ in Beijing,on March 4,2017.Appraisal committee is composed of nine national top experts in motor industry including Fu Guobiao.By authenticated by experts,the conclusion is that‘winding coil permanent magnetic adjustable speed drive’ researched and developed by our company is technology innovation and advantage prominent,whole technology is in the international advanced level among the similar products,have huge market potential and is suitable for wide application.All the appraisal experts agree that‘winding coil permanent magnetic adjustable speed drive’ pass the appraisal.

State Department counselor, former Vice Minister of science and technology Liu Yanhua, China industrial energy conservation and clean production association, a member of the CPPCC National Committee members, population resources and Environment Committee, the national manufacturing Power Construction Strategy Advisory Committee, the development of circular economy work of the inter ministerial joint committee expert advisory committee, China energy conservation and environmental protection group chairman Wang Xiaokang, director of the Ministry of industry and Information Technology Department of high energy Yunhu, Ministry of information industry and energy saving energy saving division director You Yong, deputy secretary general Chinese industrial energy conservation and clean production association of wisdom, at the heart of national energy conservation promotion director of symplectic L, Energy Consulting Co. Ltd., director of the centre for research on low carbon development of Xue Feng Yuan Baorong, director of the Zhenjiang New Area Administrative Committee, deputy director Zhou Derong Zhenjiang Municipal Development and Reform Commission, director of the Zhenjiang Municipal Commission of economy and informatization of small and medium Bu Xiaofang, deputy director of the Zhenjiang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and other government departments and associations and the leadership of the user representatives to participate in the identification of the.

The identification shall be presided over by the appraisal committee chairman Gu Guobiao academicians, experts from the domestic motor industry's top experts: National Small and medium-sized motor and system engineering technology research center deputy director Chen Weihua, Chinese Standardization Research Institute senior engineer Zhao Yuejin, Tsinghua University Department of electrical engineering professor Chai Jianyun, director of the Institute of information science and engineering power system and power transmission of Northeastern University professor Wang Dazhi, Shenyang University of Technology School of electrical engineering professor Zhang Bingyi, deputy director of the Institute of electrical and control engineering Liaoning Technical University professor Guo Fengyi, deputy chief engineer of Nanyang research Jin Zhi and Chinese explosion-proof electrical energy conservation and environmental protection group of Ministry of science and technology Zhang Ziqiang.

Identification by China industrial energy conservation and clean production association deputy secretary general wisdom of opening word, President Wang well-off project introduction; our company of permanent magnet drive the Yellow Sea Institute researcher development and technical report; Professor Chai Jianyun of Tsinghua University Department of electrical engineering test report review: the product efficiency is higher than that of high frequency. The use cost is lower than the actual high voltage inverter, high power saving rate; and on behalf of Hongxing iron and steel Shagang Group for usage report.

Hongxing iron and steel users indicated that the product speed and high precision, quick response, wide speed range, high efficiency, reliable operation, obvious energy saving effect, suitable for long-term use; before using the product, the main fan active power 479kW, after use, the fan 80% of the rated speed in the region running smoothly, the active power is 281kW. Energy saving rate of 41%.

Shagang group users show that stable running condition of 2500kW fan after using this product, electricity consumption is 10.16 degrees per ton steel before use, after use per ton of steel consumption is 6.13 degrees, the saving rate up to 40%, greatly reduced the cost of production.

Jin Zhi, deputy chief engineer of the Nanyang explosion proof Electric Research Institute, will report to the appraisal report on the examination of the data: the product is technically feasible and innovative, and meets the requirements of the appraisal.

In the question and answer session, the participating experts on the product's technical innovation, reliability, energy saving and environmental protection and other angles to ask questions, my company chairman Xu Junfeng, director of the Yellow Sea one answer. Deputy Secretary of defense and the question the wisdom of long links are summarized: the product through the slip power feedback to the power side, creatively solve the slip speed control problem of temperature rise, the product technology in a leading position in the world.


1.Identification data is complete, the test data is detailed, in line with the requirements of identification.

2.Winding type permanent magnet coupling with new structure of rotating permanent magnet and rotating winding, realize non-contact transmission, reduces vibration; by using a small proportion of inverters, regulating the induction current in the rotor winding, the control torque transfer, realizes load control and soft start, wide range of speed through the speed regulating process will produce; the slip energy flow through feedback to the power grid, the slip power utilization, greatly reduces the rotor temperature rise, reducing the slip loss.

3.By controlling the on-off of the rotor winding, the on-off function of the winding type permanent magnet coupling governor is realized. There is no mechanical action, no friction and wear.

4.The prototype was tested by the China Institute of testing technology, the efficiency of 30 ~ 99% (within the range of detection) of the rated speed was from 96% to 98%. This series of products in a number of users to practical use, stable running condition, temperature rise, low vibration value, a hydraulic coupling high saving rate from 5% to 40%, the speed range efficiency is always maintained at above 96%, the products are reliable in performance.

5.The utility model has the advantages of long service life, high reliability and small control cabinet, and reduces the harmonic pollution to the power grid. By the Tianjin day transmission electronic control equipment testing Co., Ltd., compared with the frequency conversion governor, the winding type permanent magnet coupling governor in the larger load rate of the system under the condition of high efficiency 1% ~ 7%.

6.The development of enterprise product standards, has been granted 15 patents, with independent intellectual property rights.

To sum up, the product technology innovation advantages, the overall technology in similar products in the international leading level, the market potential is huge, suitable for a wide range of applications.

Expert advisory committee, the State Department counselor, former Vice Minister Liu Yanhua highly affirmed in his speech on the product identification: this will actually be in again after identification has been included in the energy-saving of the national development and Reform Commission to catalogue, reaffirmed this unique technology, the product of energy saving, high reliability, can completely replace imported products to enter the business model as soon as possible in the appraisal, make good technology to sell a good price. At the same time, this product has a wide range of applications, can be applied to many aspects of production and life. I hope the enterprise as soon as possible to form a patent group, in the application of technology development efforts.

Ministry of energy secretary Gao Yunhu said in his speech: this appraisal will have great positive significance. The nation, economic development has entered a new norm, how to promote the economy especially to accelerate industrial upgrading of economic transformation, central government is actively promoting the supply side structural reform, the implementation of manufacturing power construction strategy, its core is to drive innovation, so real innovation of enterprises. Jiangsu magnetic Valley technology has achieved good results in the innovation of science and technology, to solve the heating problem of domestic and foreign products is widely used in permanent magnet eddy current technology can not be solved, at the same time will slip energy of energy utilization, realizes green growth and innovation requirements; the product also played our precious rare earth resources, hope that the government, associations and enterprises to increase efforts to promote the application of the benefit of the majority of the people.

Academician of the Academy of Engineering Gu Guobiao China hope company sponsored research efforts to higher technology, at the same time should pay attention to the protection of patents; and to maintain sustainable innovation through reasonable business model, and create more business value for the state and enterprises.

Deputy Secretary General China industrial energy conservation and clean production association long wisdom summed up in the end said: I hope that companies continue to increase technology research and development efforts to further improve the application fields, and actively explore the market, make a positive contribution to the national green industrial development.