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National Development and Reform Commission, Secretary of the Department of information as long as the tree line to conduct research
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On April 13, 2017,a team of government officer which includesMr.Renshuben,Daiyande,XuqiangWangjingbo and other officers paid a visit to our company and listened to our low-carbon energy-saving products reports.

JMVT made reports on the Winding type permanent magnet coupling governor and the large elastic synchronous permanent magnet coupling coupling which were listed in National key energy - saving low - carbon technology promotion catalog made by National Development and Reform Commission.

Mr.Ren spoke highly of our products after learning about our low-carbon energy-saving products’applications, market, business models, future applications, and other aspects. The officers from National Development and Reform Commission said that the government will pay attention to advanced technology and give preferential policies to JMVT